Chim-Chim Churee Chimney & Masonry 

8487 Euclid Ave, Unit 9, Manassas Park, VA 20111

(703) 330-4912

Servicing  Northern VA, DC and Fredericksburg Area

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Brick can be one of the most durable building materials, as testified by the survival of notable Roman examples. Not infrequently, however, poor repairs, a lack of maintenance and inappropriate alterations lead to trouble.

  • Serious decay of mortar joints, and possibly bricks, because of continuous saturation (caused, for example, by leaking gutters) or salt crystallisation; 

  • Crumbling ('spalling') of brick faces due to frost action, particularly on parapets or chimney stacks, or the use of a cement mortar rather than a lime-based one; 

  • Cracking or bulging of brickwork caused by, for instance, tree root damage, rotten timber lintels over windows and doors or removal of load-bearing walls internally.

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