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CHIMNEY RELINING:All liners installed with us are 316 TI Stainless Steel UL listed liners.








A Chimney Liner May Be the Answer

Chimney relining is often the most practical and affordable way to repair a deteriorated or damaged chimney. Chimneys can be damaged by a number of things such as settling, hurricanes and lightning but the most common form of chimney damage is a chimney fire.

In addition to chimney damage, older chimneys may be unlined or their liners may be deteriorated to the point where relining is warranted.












Reasons to Reline:

1.  To repair damage to the chimney, which may have been caused by a chimney fire, lightning strike, or settling, etc.

2.  To upgrade old chimneys which were constructed without chimney liners.

3.  To replace worn, deteriorated liners, which may be allowing smoke, creosote or condensation to seep through the chimney walls.

4.  To properly size the chimney for a new appliance; such as converting from oil to gas heat.

5.  To prevent excessive creosote buildup (and risk of a chimney fire) when venting a woodstove through an existing fireplace.

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