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What is it?

When mortar joints become damaged, the most cost-effective action that a homeowner can take is to repair affected areas via tuckpointing.  The alternative is to allow the mortar joints to deteriorate to the point that the chimney collapses, which makes a complete rebuild necessary–of course, the cost of a rebuild is far greater than the cost for repairs.

How is it done?

Tuckpointing is really important, to preserve/maintain the life of your chimney.  Some of the benefits of performing needed  tuckpointing on chimneys follow:

  • Corrosion of the mortar joints is stopped.

  • Structural stability of the chimney is restored.  Failing to repair mortar joints will result in a weak chimney structure which will eventually begin to lean or collapse.

  • Tuckpointing helps to prevent water from entering into the chimney system.  If the mortar joints are not repaired, water will seep down the chimney and sometimes between the chimney and the flue lining.  Moisture can do a serious amount of unseen damage, such as cause mold, mildew, and rotting wood.  Moisture can also cause the ceiling and wallpaper around the chimney to become stained.

  • Tuckpointing is far more cost-effective than a complete tear-down and rebuild.  The procedure allows you to avoid the expense of completely replacing the chimney structure.

  • Your chimney’s masonry materials are restored to their original condition.

  • The value of your home is improved when the masonry is in top condition

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